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Designer's Comments

Golf course designers and critics use different words and phrases to describe golf courses. Taking the overall layout and the character of the individual holes on Cregmore Park into account, the best way to describe the course is to call it a strong one. By this I mean that it is a very stern test of skill and shot-making for professionals and low amateurs. Higher handicap golfers, both male and female, who choose to use their handicap allowances wisely, will always find it an enjoyable experience.

The course is laid out in two loops of nine. The measurement from the championship tees, at 7,050 yards for a par of 72, shows that the course is eminently capable of hosting professional and amateur championships. There are several changes of direction in the mix of holes with never more than two consecutive holes running in the same direction. Both nines have two par fives and two par threes.

One of the striking features of this golf course is the strategic mounding and bunkering on the fairway edges and the green surrounds. This ensures that approach shots from anywhere other than the fairway will rarely find the putting surface. There is a premium on straight, accurate tee shots at Cregmore Park.

The site is located in dry limestone land. And as the first full season has demonstrated, this permits golf to be played all year round. The greens and tees are constructed to USGA specifications with the grasses growing on sand-based root zones.

It is difficult to pick out any one or two holes for special mention. All 18 holes will call for accuracy and strategic placement of every shot on this course. That said, the par 3 16th, with the lake spanning the distance between tee and semi-island green makes for a wonderful spectacle and is sure to introduce a fair element of excitement.  Suffice it to say that, with a good card in your pocket, this hole will test the nerves.

On the day I first walked the site, I knew that there was a special ambience. When members and visitors experience this they will wish to return to Cregmore Park on a regular basis. This golf course will add another jewel to the many attractions that bring thousands of tourists to Galway each year.

Arthur Spring
Course Designer

Arthur Spring Cgremore park Golf Course Designer